Herbiseed Quick Order Form

This is the quickest way to order if you know exactly what you want. However, if you need more information to decide what you need, please use the search box and interactive ordering system on the appropriate page of the website.


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** You may enter a common name if you wish, but because many common names are imprecise, we may need to contact you to ascertain the exact species you mean.

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4.             You can also enter special requirements for delivery or other comments or questions in this box. If you need anything which is not on our list, please tell us the species and quantities needed in the same box and we will endeavour to source them for you.


5.         You can print a copy of this order for your records or to fax to Herbiseed


6.         To send your order to Herbiseed online, press Confirm Order below


We normally dispatch your seed within 24 hours of receiving the order. If you state that the order is urgent we will dispatch it by courier. This normally achieves next day delivery in England, 2 days delivery to Europe and 4 days to USA and Japan. If you do not specify ‘urgent’ we will use our judgement to choose a cost-effective delivery system. Note that USA regulations insist that all seed imported to the USA is sent by courier, which can be expensive for small orders.


Every effort is made to ensure that the materials supplied are correctly described and of high quality. Since their use will be under conditions outside our control, we can accept no liability for any consequential losses occasioned by failure of the material to perform in the manner expected. See our terms and Conditions  


7.         This website aims to be comprehensive and user-friendly. Please help us improve it it by sending us observations of what you found useful, and especially any problems you encountered in using it. We will take these comments seriously and use them in future modifications of the site.