Establishing wildflowers from plug and pot plants

Wildflower plug plants are an effective means of establishing wildflowers into bare land for a wildflower border. They are also useful for enhancing a newly sown lawn or grassland, where the wildflowers, already growing strongly in the plug, have a head start over the grasses.


Plug plants or larger, more competitive, pot-grown plants can also be an effective means of introducing wildflowers into established grassland or a lawn without the hassle of a radical re-seed. This is effective provided the soil fertility is low and the grass is initially suppressed by scarification or herbicide. See our leaflet ‘How to establish wildflowers’


Production timing is very critical to achieving optimum sized plants which are making rapid growth and are not root-bound on the day the customer wishes to plant them. Therefore our production of plants is carried out specifically in response to individual advance orders.


Your order should be placed at least two months before the proposed delivery date.


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