Herbicide Resistant Biotypes


Many weed populations have become herbicide resistant weeds. These resistant biotypes may be resistant to a single herbicide or to a whole group of chemically related herbicides. Herbiseed has an increasing number of herbicide resistant weed populations in stock. If you don’t find what you want in the display below, please e-mail us us with your requirement.


Learn more about herbicide resistance development in weed populations.


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UK NameUS Name
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Cat. No.Botanical NameBayer CodeUK Common NamePrice UK Pounds per 1000gEnter grams neededNet Cost in UK Pounds 
52001ALOPECURUS MYOSUROIDES PELDON (multi resistant)ALOMYPMRBLACKGRASS PELDON (multi resistant)BLACKGRASS PELDON (multi resistant)£515$1082€953 g
52002ALOPECURUS MYOSUROIDES SPAIN (multi resistant)ALOMYSMRBLACKGRASS SPAIN (multi resistant)BLACKGRASS SPAIN (multi resistant)£400$840€740 g
52003AMARANTHUS RETROFLEXUS (triazine resistant)AMARETRAMARANTH (triazine resistant)PIGWEED (triazine resistant)£125$263€231 g
52004CHENOPODIUM ALBUM (triazine resistant)CHEALTRFAT HEN (triazine resistant)LAMBSQUATERS (triazine resistant)£125$263€231 g
52005ELEUSINE INDICA Glyphosate resistantELEINGRYARD GRASSGOOSEGRASS£600$1260€1110 g
52006FESTUCA RUBRA MERLIN (toxic metals tolerant)FESRUMFESCUE, RED, MERLIN (toxic metal tolerant)RED FESCUE, MERLIN (toxic metals tolerant)£40$84€74 g
52007KOCHIA SCOPARIA (als inhibitor resistant)KCHSCALSMOCK CYPRUS (als inhibitor resistant)KOCHIA (als inhibitor resistant)£800$1680€1480 g
52008LOLIUM MULTIFLORUM (diclofop resistant)LOLMGUK1Diclofop resistant annual ryegrassLOLIUM MULTIFLORUM (diclofop resistant)£200$420€370 g
52009LOLIUM RIGIDUM (tralkoxidim resistant)LOLRISARYEGRASS, WIMMERA (tralkoxydim resistant)WIMMERA RYEGRASS (tralkoxidim resistant)£600$1260€1110 g
52010LOLIUM RIGIDUM SLR31 (multi resistant)LOLRISLR31RYEGRASS, WIMMERA SLR31 (multi resistant)WIMMERA RYEGRASS SLR31 (multi resistant)£600$1260€1110 g
52011LOLIUM RIGIDUM VLR69 (multi resistant)LOLRIVLR69RYEGRASS, WIMMERA VLR69 (multi resistant)WIMMERA RYEGRASS (multi resistant)£600$1260€1110 g
52012LOLIUM RIGIDUM WLR1 (als inhibitor resistant)LOLRIWLR1RYEGRASS, WIMMERA WLR1 (als inhibitor resistant)WIMMERA RYEGRASS WLR1 (als inhibitor resistant)£600$1260€1110 g
52013LOLIUM RIGIDUM WLR96 (acc-ase inhibitor resistant)LOLRIWLR96RYEGRASS, WIMMERA WLR96 (acc ase inhibitor resistant)WIMMERA RYEGRASS WLR96 (acc ase inhibitor resistant)£600$1260€1110 g
52014POLYGONUM LAPATHIFOLIUM (triazine resistant)POLLATRREDSHANK (triazine resistant)SMARTWEED (triazine resistant)£125$263€231 g
52015SENECIO VULGARIS (triazine resistant)SENVUTRGROUNDSEL (triazine resistant)GROUNDSEL (triazine resistant)£850$1785€1573 g