About Herbiseed

Herbiseed produces over 700 species of weed seeds which are used in scientific research throughout the world. Most of our seed is purpose-grown on our seed production farms in England, Serbia and the Philippines, which cover cool, warm and tropical climates. A small number of species are collected from wild populations by qualified local collectors. Additionally, to provide our customers with the convenience of a ‘one-stop-shop’ we stock varieties of the common world agricultural and horticultural crop seeds which we purchase from agricultural seed merchants.


Each of our weed seed crops is started with a few grams of seed collected from a ‘wild’ population, usually one growing in an agricultural field. Seed crops are grown from this starter seed in single species beds using high quality horticultural methods. Thus the provenance, botanical identity, species purity and treatments applied during seed production are fully documented, and a ‘Population Certificate’ describing these can be issued for the purposes of formal GLP. Seed is harvested with specialist equipment at its peak of physiological maturity. It is then processed with purpose-built machinery to remove spines, awns, dust etc. to ensure freedom from extraneous material, to control potential handling hazards and to ensure a free-flowing product compatible with automated seed sowing equipment. It is stored in controlled conditions until tests show that post-harvest dormancy has declined.


Our service is customer-orientated, with orders usually dispatched on the day they are received. Our staff have post-graduate degrees in botany, ecology and business management, and other qualifications in horticulture and agriculture. Several staff members have previously worked in academic research, agrochemical screening, field trials and on the family farm, so have a good understanding of our customers’ needs. Their skills are regularly and willingly employed to answer technical enquiries or to develop research methodology in discussion with our customers.


As a result of customer demand, we have introduced a range of ultra-lightweight carbon fibre trials plot sprayers. Learn more on trials plot sprayers.


We have also instituted a weed and non-target plant trials plot service, where we establish a series of trials plots containing up to 10 rows of weed or non-target species on our farms and sell individual plots for use by customers’ trials teams. See our Field Trials Services page for details.


Herbiseed is thus well able to meet our customers’ needs for:-


Express delivery. Orders are normally dispatched on the day they are received, by mail or courier.


Most important weed species available from stock. We have over 800 species in stock. We can source additional species from our worldwide database.


Clean seed free from other species, spines, husks, chaff and mould spores. Our production methods ensure that the seed is grown free from contaminating species. Post harvest treatments and controlled storage ensure that the seed is essentially free from materials hazardous to the user.


Full documentation of experimental population for GLP & GEP. Biological identity, provenance, treatment-history and population characteristics of the seed are fully documented and a certificate describing these characteristics can be provided for your GLP/GEP records.


Reliable performance of seed. Optimum timing of seed harvest, controlled post harvest treatments and germination testing ensure that our seed has high viability and the seedlings have high vigour. A fully documented genetic history ensures that their reaction to herbicide treatments can be related to known agricultural weed populations.


Effective technical service. Our staff understand your needs and are happy to answer your questions, to suggest appropriate species for experiments and to discuss experimental methodology for your research programmes. Please contact technical@herbiseed.com .


A friendly service. We are a small company dedicated to providing technical excellence in a user-friendly manner. If you have a question, please telephone or e-mail us.


Cost effectiveness. Our dedication to quality costs us time and money but we feel that it is fully justified by our determination to avoid the potentially high costs to our customers if experimental results were to be lost as a result of poor quality seed. Generally, the cost of the seed used in an experiment is small compared to the costs of the facilities and manpower employed.


Incidentally, don’t miss our ‘brief weed guides’ which are technical leaflets intended to answer some of the frequently asked questions about weeds, including two leaflets on how to get certain weeds to germinate!


Herbiseed is registered with Defra as Seed Merchant Number 7238