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Two lightweight pedestrian-carried field trials spray booms designed by field trials professionals for light weight, robustness, accuracy, simplicity and flexibility. 


Sideboom T-Boom
‘featherlite’ Sideboom ‘featherlite’ T-boom (note stand)




CARBON FIBER STRUCTURE     Ultra lightweight (less than 2.5kg.) and exceptionally robust.     Resistant to damage in transit and use.     Minimal operator strength required, female-friendly.     Minimal operator fatigue, maximum endurance.     Fitted transport box to avoid damage in transit and storage.


DRY BOOM TECHNOLOGY    Spraylines are independent of the boom structure and flexible, so they don’t leak if the spray boom is handled roughly.    Minimises weight of spray liquid in the boom - less physical demand on the operator.    Minimises the volume of liquid required to prime the boom – reduces the amount of chemical needed for trials plots. Thus more plots per gram of chemical.    Small volume and clean internal bores of spraylines facilitate flushing with a minimal quantity of compressed air or gas between samples.    Washing out is safer, easier and consumes less water, thereby producing less toxic waste.    Contaminated spraylines are cheap and easy to remove and discard.


MODULAR CONSTRUCTION    The entire spray boom can be assembled in 3 minutes.    No tools necessary for assembly or disassembly.    Use one or more sections to spray 1, 2 or 3 metres wide with 2, 4 or 6 nozzles.    Compression couplings grip harder when pressurised, preventing leaks under pressure.


FULLY ADJUSTABLE    Angle of T-boom to shaft is infinitely adjustable to produce a narrow swath, or for spraying to the side of the operator to avoid walking in the sprayed area.    T-boom is rotatable in order to angle the nozzles forward or back (for when using floodjets or spraying tall crops).    Position of handgrip on Sideboom is easily adjusted to personal preference.    Quick-change nozzle mounts.    Suitable for any spray tank and pressurising system, from CO2 pressurised trials sample holders to commercial lever-pumped backpack sprayers.


PRECISION COMPONENTS FACILLITATE ACCURACY    Failsafe trigger valve, adjustable pressure regulator, two in-line filters, self-seal nozzle holders with pressure-regulating nozzles and built-in stand to keep nozzles out of the mud when filling.


A simple 30 plot field trial takes up to 10 man days to locate, mark out, spray, assess and interpret the results. This manpower alone produces direct costs of $4000. One agrochemical company estimates that each of its agrochemical field trial costs $70,000 in manpower, materials and overheads. However the potential costs of a failed trial are even greater if the work has to be repeated properly and this delays the launch of a new product by one year. For these reasons, it is clear that shoddy workmanship, unreliable equipment, and inadequate materials are a false economy in the high-value business of field trials, so the best field trials plot sprayboom available is the best insurance of the time invested in spraying field trials.  An old Ford truck may be cheap to buy but if you have to spend all day fixing it a new Rolls-Royce is a better investment!


These two spray booms have been developed by a major agrochemical company that operates over 100 field trials teams worldwide. No single field trials sprayer available at the time satisfied their criteria of accuracy and reproducibility, compactness and robustness to transport in a small vehicle, simple to assemble but completely resistant to leaks, flexibility for a wide range of spray applications, lightweight, (not least because they have many female trials staff), easy to use, accurate and safe to the operator at all stages of operation, easy to decontaminate, minimal liquid requirements for priming and precision in application. So they set up a project to design, build and evaluate THE PERFECT TRIALS PLOT SPRAYER.


After consulting the entire global field trials personnel for their views (and wish-list) on the features of each individual’s ideal sprayer a 3 year development programme commenced. As a result, two versions of the sprayer have been perfected and over 100 are now in use by the company’s trials teams around the world. Herbiseed are the sole manufacturer and distributor of these sprayers to users outside the originating company, selling them under the trademark ‘featherlite’, a name prompted by their most obvious feature.


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T-Boom+transport box; $1890, £900, €1665.

Sideboom+transport box; $1890, £690, €1220


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