Herbiseed manufactures the most advanced field trials spray booms in the world. Designed by a major agrochemical company for spraying agrochemical field trials they have a wider use in small-scale horticulture, invasive weed control, herb production and golf-course management. Made of robust lightweight carbon fibre they are super lightweight or 'Featherlite', highly accurate and require a low volume of liquid to prime them (thus reducing both chemical requirements and washing liquid disposal). On our own farms we find them more convenient and quicker to use than a tractor mounted sprayer on crop beds of up to 0.25 ha. If you need to maximise field trials productivity, these accurate, robust and super lightweight precision spraybooms are the spraybooms to use.


The ‘TEEBOOM’ has a conventional field trials sprayer format with 6 nozzles and a 2 metre swath. The ‘SIDEBOOM’ is a single linear sprayboom which sprays a swath up to 3 metres wide to the side of the operator, thus eliminating the need to walk in the sprayed area and is ideal for spraying flooded rice trials from the bund. Both are constructed largely of carbon fibre for lightness and resilience. Each weighs less than 2.5kg. Each has a rigid transport case and can be assembled in less than 5 minutes. Nozzles are interchangeable and can be offset or rotated to spray forwards, downward or backwards.


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