Stored product insects and other seed or seedling eating insects are reared for agrochemical screening, bioassays and ecological experiments. These insects are usually reared on crop seeds in laboratory cultures. A growing problem is how to source seed for this purpose which is not contaminated by genetically modified 'GM' varieties which produce an insecticidal Bacillus thuringensis toxin, has not been treated in transport or storage with pesticides and does not contain fungal toxins such as aflatoxin. Similar considerations apply in finding non-GM or otherwise contaminated seed for feeding mammals and birds which are reared for experimental purposes, where contamination via the feed potentially could interfere with the experimental treatments.


Consequently there is an increasing need for a supply of crop seeds such as maize, soya and wheat which are guaranteed to be free from contamination by genetically modified  crops, (otherwise termed non-GM, non GMO or GM-free crops), and for supply chain traceability in sourcing seed destined for experimental animals to ensure that it is pesticide free and aflatoxin free.


To satisfy this need, Herbiseed grows crops of maize, soya, wheat and sunflower on its seed production unit in Serbia, a country which rigidly enforces a total ban on growing genetically modified agricultural crops. The seed is carefully harvested, dried and stored, all under our control, in conditions which ensure that it is completely free of GM contamination, post-harvest pesticides and fungal toxins. It can therefore be fed to high-value, experimental animals in complete confidence that it contains no dangerous contaminants. contact us