Herbiseed can supply commercial varieties of crop seeds for experiments in small or large quantities as an additional service to our customers. We carry small stocks (1-10kg.) of temperate crop seeds such as wheat, barley, sugarbeet, oats and rape (canola). We can source most minor temperate crop seeds such as herbs and vegetables within a week. We normally have small stocks (1-5kg.) of the major warm climate crop seeds such as maize (corn), soya, peanut, cotton and sunflower.  


Similarly, we stock seed of several temperate and tropical cover crop seeds and erosion control species.  


We also produce seeds of fungus disease susceptible crop seeds such as orange Pixie tomato, Hereward wheat, Golden Promise barley for fungicide screening, field trials and demonstrations.  


If you need crop seed, please contact us with the quantity required, your preferred variety, whether a substitute variety is acceptable, and whether seed dressed with a fungicide/insecticide is acceptable (with some crops it is difficult to obtain non seed-dressed seed).