Herbiseed weed science consultancy

Herbiseed staff have a total of over 70 years experience of the agrochemical business and all aspects of weed control. This experience is available to the agrochemical and weed control industry worldwide.  


Our lead consultants are:  


Paula Batten BSc. A specialist in worldwide product registration for the agrochemical industry.  


Steve Morton, a specialist in plant production and primary screening for herbicides, design and execution of agrochemical field trials.  


Martin Parham BSc. PhD. A practical industrial ecologist with worldwide experience of weed control in small-farmer agriculture, industrial crops, forestry, ecological impact mitigation and landscaping.  


We can put together a team for any project in these areas, either to complete a project in its entirety or to contribute a specific skill to your in-house project team.  


Please contact to discuss your requirements.


Herbiseed is a member of AMBIC,  an association of consultants in agrochemicals, agriculture and the environment who can contribute skills covering the entirety of the agrochemical industry, from discovery of active compounds, through development, formulation and packaging to registration and marketing.


Dr. Martin Parham leading a seminar on weed control