Plants for Pets

Not dry old pet food and tasteless hay, this page is for seeds to sustainably grow your own natural green food for plant eating pets and grazing animals.
The Tortoise Lady's Mediterranean Tortoise Mix is a herbal diet containing a range of herbs that mediterranean tortoises have been observed to eat in the wild. Grow it in containers indoors or sow it in a paddock outside. It is ideal to stimulate the appetite of tortoises coming out of hibernation, and provides all the nutrition to keep your tortoise happy and healthy throughout the year. Tropical Tortoise Mix contains a balanced mixture of tropical grasses and herbs to grow indoors, or outdoors in summer, to provide a healthy diet for your tropical tortoise.
For small herbivores such as rabbits, guineapigs and hamsters we have a seed mixture containing high fiber grasses and tasty herbs, which maintain a healthy digestive function and keep the animal stimulated, happy and healthy. Sow the seed in your garden and use it for cut-and-come-again forage or for direct grazing. If you have no garden, you can grow part of your pet's diet in seed trays on a sunny window ledge which will provide a stimulating treat and add variety to a dry diet.
Larger herbivores such as sheep, goats, alpacas and llamas have bigger appetites, so need a paddock with pasture which is resistant to close grazing and contains a variety of grasses and herbs. Our large herbivore mixture contains mat-forming grasses which rapidly regrow their leaves after grazing, plus deep-rooted herbs, which transfer minerals from deep in the soil to their foliage. A 'goat browsing supplement' of more robust and chewy herbs can be added to this grazing mixture if sown primarily for goats, which like to browse on tougher plants as well as to graze on the herbage considered more palatable by most herbivores.
Our Horse and Pony Paddock mixture contains a range of palatable grass seeds and herbs for pony and horse fields but is ryegrass-free, since ryegrass is implicated in cases of equine bloat if it is too heavily fertilised. Our Paddock Repair mixture contains fast growing and wear tolerant grasses plus deep-rooted herbs. It is designed for quick establishment and to withstand the heavy trampling which causes worn areas around the perimeter of equestrian paddocks, in gateways and on gallops.
Sow our Wild Bird Seed Mixture in your garden to produce a variety of seed heads, each of which is attractive to one or more species of wild birds. It's easy to grow, and the seed heads themselves are interestingly shaped and good for flower arranging too.
Cats may be carnivores, but they love to chew our Catgrass Mixture. This is a mixture of several different grasses which grow at different rates and have different textures. Practically all cats love to chew them. Sow the mixture in a pot or seed tray and when the first grasses are 10cm high, present the pot to your cat, sit back and watch the fun. The same pot will last several weeks because the slower growing varieties replace the ones which are chewed first. Similarly, many cats love the smell of Catmint, also called catnip or catnep. Sow some in a seed tray (better than a pot, because some cats like to roll on it) and grow in a sunny place indoors or out.
Scroll down and select from the list below, or if you need a bespoke seed mixture for a special friend, please contact us.
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UK NameUS Name
UK PoundsUS DollarsEuros
 Cat. No.Product NameUK Common NamePrice UK Pounds per 1000gEnter grams neededNet Cost in UK Pounds 
58001T-Lady's Mediterranean Tortoise MixA natural herbal diet for mediterranean tortoisesCool climate turtle diet, herbs only£100$210€185 g
58002Tropical Tortoise MixComplete herb and grass diet for tropical tortoisesTropical turtle diet, herbs and grasses£100$210€185 g
58003Cat GrassCats love to nibble a pot of chewy grass leaves £40$84€74 g
58004Catmint or CatnipFew cats can resist this strange smelling herb £170$357€315 g
58005Wild Bird Attracting MixGrow a mixture of seed heads to attract birds in autumn £55$116€102 g
58006High-fibre Plants for hamsters and guineapigsA high fiber mix for hampsters and guinea-pigs £35$74€65 g
58007Herb-rich Rabbit Fodder MixA herb-rich mixture especially for rabbits £35$74€65 g
58008Horse & Pony Paddock Mix (ryegrass-free)A wear-resistant, ryegrass-free paddock mixture £25$53€46 g
58009Herb Rich Grazing Mix for large herbivoresA wide variety of plants for sheep, goats, llamas etc. £35$74€65 g
58010Paddock Repair Mix for trampled areasQuick to establish, wear-resistant grasses and herbs £35$74€65 g