Aboout Herbiseed


Herbiseed has been supplying seed of unusual plants for over 25 years, mostly wildflowers for landscaping and weeds for agricultural research. We are a small family business growing seeds of several hundred types of plants on 20 acres in Berkshire. Several of us have horses, dogs, cats and at times rabbits and hamsters. However, what first turned our attention to the special needs of domestic animals was a request to supply a mixture of plants suitable for feeding a tortoise. This led to discussions with Lin King ‘The Tortoise Lady’ and her observations of what Mediterranean tortoises eat in their natural habitat, and eventually our ‘tortoise mix’ was born. Observations of my own cat (the one with the big mouth in the picture) led to our Cat-Grass Mixture, and our liaisons with local livery stables led to several mixtures for horse and pony paddocks.  


Now we aim to provide for all plant eating animals. Mostly it is mixtures of seed to grow plants on which the animals feed, but sometimes it’s to grow oil-rich seeds to attract birds to the garden, or even plants to attract butterflies to the garden. Many of these mixtures are a direct result of being asked by a customer ‘can you provide a seed mixture for……?’ So if you need something special, we will do our best to produce it for you.