Terms and Conditions of Business

IDENTITY: The only way to unequivocally identify a species is by its botanical name. You are welcome to use common names when ordering, and we will do our best to supply what you need. However, please recognise that similar common names are used in different parts of the world for different species, thus there is a danger that we may misinterpret a common name. Within our catalogue, the catalogue number is unique to a species, so you are advised to order by catalogue number if you are unfamiliar with botanical names.
AVAILABILITY:   All the species listed in our price list are normally in stock. If you wish to confirm up to the minute availability of a species please contact us and we will inform you of its stock status.
UNLISTED SPECIES:      We hold small stocks of species which are not in sufficient demand to justify listing them in the pricelist. We also have a database of suppliers of unusual seeds who we can use to source additional species, although we regret that frequently these suppliers are slow in responding. Please ask if you need a species not in the catalogue.
DELIVERY:         We use our best judgement to ensure cost effective delivery unless our customer specifies a preferred method. Orders stated to be ‘URGENT’ are dispatched by courier, as are all orders to the USA. In other circumstances postal (mail) services are normally used. Delivery costs are added to the customer’s invoice.
PRICES:             We reserve the right to alter our prices without prior notice. However we normally hold price changes until the next catalogue is produced.
VALUE ADDED TAX:       This sales tax will be charged where applicable at the appropriate rate to all customers in Britain and to those customers in Europe who have not informed Herbiseed of their company’s official sales tax number.
PAYMENT:          Payment is due within 30 days of invoice date. Interest will be charged at 2% per month on late payments.
CURRENCY:        Paymentmust be in Pounds sterling, US Dollars or Euro, made either by inter-bank transfer, a sterling cheque drawn on a British bank or by Visa or Mastercard. When arranging payment please refer to the original invoice (not the ‘Customs Invoice’ on FedEx packages) and ensure that exactly the final total on the invoice is paid to Herbiseed.
SEED VIABILITY:            We guarantee that our seed has a minimum of 60% viability. However, germinability is not warranted as weed seeds are notoriously variable from batch to batch and from one set of environmental conditions to others. See our ‘Brief Weed Guide’ leaflets and ask us for advice on problem species.
COMPLAINTS:    Should the material prove unsatisfactory, please inform us within one month of delivery and we shall refund the cost or exchange it with an alternative sample at our discretion. If you encounter difficulties with germination or seedling establishment please discuss the problem with us immediately (technical@herbiseed.com) and we will try to suggest ways in which your experiment can proceed with minimum disruption.
LIABILITY:          Every effort is made to ensure that the materials supplied by us are accurately described and of high quality. Since their use will be under conditions over which we have no control, we accept no liability for any consequential losses occasioned by failure of the material to perform in the manner expected. Advice or guidance does not constitute or form a warranty or guarantee.
The placing of an order constitutes complete acceptance of these terms by the customer.