Links to relevant sites


The Herbiseed website  Cintros is building the new Herbiseed website. Herbiseed has spent three frustrating years trying to find a web builder who can understand our rather peculiar business. At last we discovered Andrew Kwiatkowski of Cintros. He is efficient and a pleasure to work with. Our ‘Happy Turtle’ was provided by ‘Free Gifs and Animations’, who have a wealth of free clip art.  


Weeds  The Weed Science Society of America. The well-supported USA-based weed science organisation. Journals include ‘Weed Science’, ‘Weed Technology’ ‘Invasive Plant Science and Management’.  The international Weed Science Society. Aims to facilitate an international approach to global weed problems. Main activity is organising an International Weed Control Congress every 4 years. The European Weed Research Society. This pan-European society publishes the journal ‘Weed Research’ and has several active sub-committees which organise pan-European collaborative projects.  


Wildflowers Flora locale is an influential charity set up to promote best practice in the use of wildflowers in planting schemes designed to encourage wildlife. It is particularly keen to encourage the use of local origin native wildflower populations in areas of important wildlife value.  


Tortoises  An excellent and information packed site for tortoise keepers. The home of Lin King, widely known as ‘the tortoise lady’. Herbiseed’s seed mixture for Mediterranean tortoises was formulated with her expert help and guidance.