About Herbiseed

Herbiseed has been producing specialist seeds for over 25 years. We specialise in growing seeds of plants derived from wild populations, including weeds, wildflowers, natural herbs and newly domesticated industrial crops. We have farms in England, Serbia and the Philippines which cover cool, warm and tropical climates. This enables us to grow nearly one thousand species of plants, many of which are not available from any other source. We source about 200 species from specialist seed producers, botanic gardens and qualified amateur collectors around the world. Finally, to enable us to provide our customers with a ‘one-stop-shop’ we also stock varieties of common agricultural and horticultural crops from around the world which we purchase from conventional seed merchants.  


Our seed production staff are trained and experienced horticulturalists. Each major section of our products is overseen by a specialist in that field, as follows:  


Weed seeds and Field Trials Services: Steve Morton, formerly field trials team leader and manager of plant production services for ICI Agrochemicals (now Syngenta). Steve also manages our head office and is the primary contact for orders and questions.  


Wildflowers, Landscape and Ecological Services: Dr. Martin Parham, PhD who has degrees in botany and plant ecology and worldwide experience of plant establishment and vegetation management.   




We maintain close control over the production of our seeds, from collection of basic seed from well-documented wild populations, through growing under horticultural conditions to harvesting, followed by post-harvest treatments and testing to ensure optimum germination performance. Thus you can rely on our seed being well documented, fully traceable and authentically representative of the species or population, free of contaminants and ready to grow.  


We deal with all orders on the day of receipt. Next-day delivery is available in the UK and most packages can be delivered within 4 days of dispatch to Europe, Japan and the USA.  


We are a friendly and customer-focussed organisation. We enjoy responding to unusual requests and customer questions. Our technical experts are available to discuss your project, suggest suitable species, help develop methodology by e-mail, telephone or by site visits. Please feel free to contact us on any plant or seed related subject. Steve Morton runs the main office and he will direct your enquiry to the appropriate in-house expert. Don’t miss our technical leaflets which deal with several frequently asked questions which can be accessed from the appropriate product section page. E-mail a question to Herbiseed.


If you need seeds, we can provide your requirements, either from the extensive range of species which we grow, or from our worldwide database of esoteric seed suppliers.  


Our Defra Seed Merchant Registration Number is 7238  


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