Other services


Contract Growing Service


Herbiseed can offer services including production of plug plants, contract seed multiplication and flower, leaf or root production. Field production takes place mainly in the UK for temperate species. Mediterranean, sub-tropical and tropical climate species are grown at facilities in Eastern Europe, and the Philippines. Herbiseed’s experience with a huge range of wild species means that it is usually possible to produce several kilograms of seed in one or two generations from an original sample of only a few grams by optimising germination in controlled conditions and maximising yield in the field.


Seed Sourcing


Please contact Herbiseed if you can’t find a species you need or if you would like us to suggest a species for a particular purpose. We have a unique worldwide network of botanically qualified experts, amateur local collectors, other specialist seed producers and botanic gardens, which means that seed of many species not listed here can be supplied on request. Unlisted species which may be stocked for another part of our specialist seed business will be available immediately, but sometimes seed may need to be sourced from across the world which may take some time.