About us


Herbiseed has been a producer of specialist seeds for over 25 years. Our business is focused on supplying high quality seed, horticultural services and expertise. We produce and source seeds of a wide range of unusual herbs, wild flowers and other natural flora. Various services including plug plant production, contract seed multiplication and flower, leaf or root production are offered. Provision of appropriate scientific and practical technical advice is a speciality. We undertake projects from Research and Development to site preparation, planting, maintenance and contract harvesting.


Now owned by Steve Morton, Herbiseed was founded some 25 years ago by Dr Martin Parham who continues to provide his extensive experience and botanical expertise as aconsultant


Part of Herbiseed’s seed production facility in Berkshire, UK


Field production takes place on our own farm in the UK for temperate species, while Mediterranean, sub-tropical and tropical climate species are normally grown at our facilities in Eastern Europe and the Philippines, but are sometimes carefully wildcrafted, respecting international and local regulations on endangered species.


Much of Herbiseed’s business is concerned with seed production of unusual, often wild, species. Our experience with a huge range of wild species means that when bringing a new species into cultivation it is usually possible to produce several kilograms of seed in one or two generations from an original sample of only a few grams by optimising germination in controlled conditions and maximising yield in the field.


We maintain records of the source population from which each species is grown and of the treatments it has received during the growing cycle to satisfy boh scientific criteria and to document pharmacological authenticity and sustainability.